Macaulay Culkin Bashes Death Rumor In Amazing Fashion


Macaulay Culkin responds to his death rumor in a hilarious way. The Home Alone star has fallen victim to an elaborate Internet hoax on Saturday, and he doesn’t seem all that upset it has happened.

Culkin’s apparent death has made waves on the Internet, going viral and leaving many with the belief that the ‘Home Alone’ star has actually kicked the bucket. He has already declared himself still alive and well with a tweet yesterday, and today he takes up a notch.

Macaulay Culkin responds to his death rumor in the best way possible. The former child star has taken to Twitter once again, this time to poke fun at the recent hoax. Culkin has tweeted an image of himself posing as the dead Bernie Lomax from the classic 1989 comedy ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’.

Well played Mr. Culkin, well played.

Culkin happens to be a huge star when it comes to the Internet, and this isn’t the first time he has gone viral for being himself. Earlier this year, Culkin has posted a picture of himself wearing a Ryan Gosling shirt, which then caused Gosling to wear a shirt with Culkin wearing the Gosling shirt, and so it went into shirt ‘Inception’.

Things got really meta that day.

Culkin has taken his death rumors with a grain of sand, but he still wants to let the world now that he’s alive, and going strong with his pizza inspired Velvet Underground band Pizza Underground. Today his band has performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Internet death hoaxes seem to be a reoccurring fad. The most recent dead celebrity rumor, other than Culkin, is Judd Nelson who had to clear things up too. Other celebrities that have been targeted include Bill Nye, Jon Bon Jovi, and Chris Brown.

Macaulay Culkin responds to his death rumor, and it seems like he got a kick out of it.