Socality Barbie is winning Instagram right now, and she’s doing it just by living “that PNW life” (Pacific Northwest, if the abbreviation doesn’t register immediately) and practicing “authentic living.” For more on what socality is, check out To be very reductive, though, it seems to be your common hipster lifestyle.

In all seriousness, this is not the account you’d expect a Barbie doll to have. Operated by a Portland wedding photographer who is, at least at the time of this writing, keeping his or her own identity on the down-low, Socality Barbie’s account has blown up in the last few weeks. To give that some substance, consider this: at the beginning of July, Socality Barbie celebrated 1000 Instagram followers. A little over a week ago, she had 5000. At the time of this writing, she finds herself with 245,000 followers and counting.

What makes her account so great? Well, first there’s the pseudo-deep, sometimes motivational, tongue-in-cheek commentary on hipsters, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Then there’s the beautiful photography (Socality Barbie visits some truly gorgeous locations), the composition of which tells you that a bonafide photographer is taking the photos. And then there are the captions. They’re funny because they’re true — and she never misses the chance to tell you how #blessed she is. In real life, you might actually kind of hate her, but as a doll? Pretty amusing stuff.

All in all, this account is a win because it combines beautiful backgrounds, photographic skill, and sharp senses of wit and humor that, when combined, create what we love in an IG account. You can start following her now, but I’ve collected some of her best posts here so that you can get caught up on her #blessed #authentic #PNWlife.

Socality Barbie’s Top 50 Instagram Posts

1. Believe in the person you want to become…

2. The things that you are passionate about are not random

3. Don’t forget to fuel up for your adventures

4. Reality vs. Perfection

5. Getting what you want takes work

6. Obviously the first to put bridges on IG

7. The importance of friends and Instameetings

8. Life goals: Drink coffee, create stuff, and sleep

9. Live authentic

10. A lesson we could all use, naturally

11. Real talk.

12. Pics or it didn’t happen

13. The struggle is real

14. She’s self-aware, I guess

15. Pics or the coffee never happened

16. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to

17. Of course.

18. “You know, like that Kelly Clarkson song.”

19. Let your art be your guide

20. Flag fashion

21. … Cuz Freedom.

22. Wanderlust

23. It’s all about community

24. Leadership advice you can really follow

25. Hold the applause

26. What’s a forest without Wi-Fi? Oh. Right.

27. The hand of man isn’t good for the soul

28. And are you inspired?

29. So hipster.

30. The horrors of a cold latte

31. Definitely humble.

32. Wait… blankets have a practical purpose?

33. Living an authentic life turns out to be pretty expensive.

34. Most authentic

35. Would you know my Instagram name if I saw you in Heaven?

36. At least she’s honest

37. … Like I said.

38. Thanks …. hunters?

39. Get this girl a job in PR

40. Ask Chandler Bing?

41. Life is beautiful…

42. …Especially when you’re so humble

43. Ice cream is art. Obviously.

44. And boy is it beautiful

45. Waking up by 10 a.m. is terrible, but so worth it

46. Only the most #blessed of us find ourselves on mountains with all of our coffee

47. Like you do

48. Motivation


50. We all know this person

What’s your favorite Socality Barbie post?