Lin-Manuel Miranda is non-stop. Recently, he appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for round two of the game Wheel of Freestyle. Facing off with Tariq of “The Roots,” Miranda freestyled about “Harry Potter” spells and even the election.

His first round of random words included “Dinosaur,” “Corn Maze” and “Harry Potter.” The “Hamilton” creator then produced a freestyle rap, which also included references to winning an Emmy and using the spell “expelliarmus” with a magic wand. Tariq’s tricky words included “Guacamole,” “Lumberjack” and “Superbowl” and his freestyle caused Miranda to say, “You are the greatest alive. Why am I here?”

Miranda’s hilarious final random words lead to lines such as, “I’m a unicorn brony and friendship is magic” and “I got an erection today, I can’t wait to choose my choice on Election Day,” ending with “I’m with her” to show his support for Hillary Clinton and some delayed embarrassment based on the rhyme. Fallon tells Olivia Newton-John, who was also a guest on the show, to plug her ears, to which Miranda jokingly says, “Tell me about it, stud.”

This isn’t the first time Miranda has appeared on “The Tonight Show” with his impressive freestyle rap skills. Last year, he joined Fallon to discuss his Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” and freestyle on random keywords such as “Rainbow,” “Channing Tatum” and “Darth Vader.”

Miranda also recently sang about the election in a mock Trump the Musical video. He created the musical solely based on tweets that Donald Trump has sent, including “Backhanded Holiday Greetings” and “Racially Questionable Holiday Greetings.” He created the videos in an effort to get people to vote.

Miranda is set to host “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

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