Fizzy soda fans, prepare your taste buds for Coca-Cola Ginger! The beverage company unveiled the new flavor last week, but there’s a catch: its’s only available for a limited time in Australia, at least for now.

According to the Coca-Cola Journey, the new taste is “aimed at attracting occasional and lapsed Coca-Cola drinkers” as part of their Summer campaign. “This Summer our focus is on helping Aussies make those special moments even more enjoyable and the launch of Coca-Cola Ginger is the first step towards this goal,”Marina Rocha, Coca-Cola South Pacific Group Marketing Manager, said in the press release. “We are confident the new flavour will be perfect for our audience, with research revealing that ginger is particularly popular during the Summer months.”

The limited edition, gold-label drink takes the classic Coca-Cola taste and adds a twist of ginger. Some other unusual flavors include Green Tea Coke, Raspberry Coke and Coke Blak. According to Mashable, Coca-Cola Ginger’s taste “is very, very subtle” while news.com.au says it “basically tastes like Coke mixed with ginger beer.” Social media was divided on the taste as well.

Social Media Reacts to New Coca-Cola Ginger Flavor

Coca-Cola Ginger is available in Australia until Summer 2017.

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