Leonardo DiCaprio will open the doors to his home on August 23 will Hillary Clinton comes to town. The actor is hosting a fundraiser event called “Conversations With Hillary.

Want to get your hands on a ticket? You’ll need to fork over $33,400 — each. That could be a pretty expensive date. As MarketWatch reports, per the rules established, the first $2700 will go to Clinton’s campaign and the rest will go into a fund for the Democratic Party.

The event is slated to take place in just a few weeks on August 23 when Hillary’s campaign tour moves through Los Angeles.

According to MarketWatch, Jennifer Lopez, Tobey Maguire, and Harvey Weinstein could also be in attendance.

Source: MarketWatch

Social Reactions to Leo DiCaprio’s Hillary Clinton Fundraising Event

Much of the social media reaction consisted of angry posts from people using language I’m not going to repost here, but there were some people who thought it was a good idea.

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Image Source: By U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons