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Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time for all things mysterious and spooky. Frightening ghost stories, macabre decorations, terrifying pranks and haunted houses are just some of the things that mark the scariest night of the year. But what if all things related to ghosts and the paranormal just weren’t that scary?

#LameWaysToHauntSomeone, which became a trending hashtag in the weekly “Hashtag, You’re It” game on Tuesday, looked at what might happen if the spirit world got lazy in their efforts to haunt the living. Some of the suggestions included getting people ghosted on Twitter, telling a “booring” story and hacking the printer to send scary (or funny) messages.

The hashtag game, which garnered thousands of tweets, provided plenty of terrible ways for ghosts to haunt people this Halloween season. Take a look at some of the funniest suggestions below:

Social Media Suggests #LameWaysToHauntSomeone for Halloween

What would be the worst way for a ghost to haunt somebody? Which #LameWaysToHauntSomeone tweet was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!