Labyrinth Sequel On The Way

A sequel to the 1986 fantasy movie Labyrinth is in the works, from the Jim Henson Company

The news has been discovered within a Variety article, where it discusses Billy Crystal joining the upcoming film Henson Co. film Which Witch. They also spill the beans that there’s a rumored Dark Crystal 2, a Fraggle Rock film, and another movie based on the character Emmet Otter.

In 1986, the bizarre and creative minds of David Bowie and Jim Henson became one, and the result was the family film Labyrinth. The movie features a young Jennifer Connelly, Bowie in really tight pants, and many puppets in a fantasy world.

In Labyrinth, Connelly plays the character Sarah, a fifteen year old that doesn’t want to grow up. One night, she wishes that her baby brother Toby would be taken away by goblins. In comes Bowie, as the big haired Jareth the Goblin King, to kidnap her baby brother, and fly away as an owl.

Jareth then forces Sarah to travel through a labyrinth, to get her baby brother back before he becomes a goblin. She ends up meeting a cast of characters, some bad and some good, like the goblin Hoggle, a double agent for Jareth, and the Old English Sheep Dog riding knight Sir Didymus.

As of right now, there are no details of the cast returning to reprise their roles in the Labyrinth sequel. With that being said, who can replace David Bowie as the sort of evil, singing and dancing Jareth the Goblin King? There’s not many other personalities that can pull off Jareth like Ziggy Stardust has, making Bowie’s role irreplaceable.

Here’s hoping we get a follow up to ‘Dance Magic Dance’, and Bowie puts his big wig back on.

A Labyrinth sequel is on the way, and there will be more information to come in the future if Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie will return.

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