A 10-year-old kid trashes a dollar store while throwing the tantrum of all tantrums. It’s unclear what set the kid off or where his parents were during his meltdown. The entire scene was captured by another shopper, and the video has gone viral.

In the video, the child is seen tossing and throwing items off the shelf. The man filming can be heard laughing and muttering in disbelief. Several store employees can also be seen in the background, though they dare not touch the kid out of fear of legal percussions.

At one point, the kid went into the inventory section of the store to look for more stuff to destroy. He quickly went back out and continued to leave more destruction in his wake. The havoc came to an end when the boy grabbed an item and threatened to throw it at a customer who tried confronting him. This gave an opportunity for another customer to creep up behind the child and grab him by his shirt where he was taken outside and held until police arrived.

The kid trashing a dollar store is raising discussions about child discipline and whether parents need to go back to the old days of spanking. It also prompted debate over laws regarding the handling of a minor. These days, even the simple act of restraining an unruly child can constitute child abuse and endangerment. It also brought up the issue of poor parenting. While it’s unclear where the parents were when the little heathen went on his rampage, there is certainly something they’re doing wrong if their offspring finds it acceptable to act like the Tasmanian Devil and destroy property.

When the chaos came to an end, the store looked as if it was hit by an earthquake. As for the kid who trashed the dollar store, it’s not clear what the police decided to do with him. Hopefully, a youth boot camp is in his near future.