“Is it possible to be the world’s best and world’s worst grandson simultaneously?” quipped Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday’s airing of late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel spoke with 17-year-old Kevin Droniak of Newtown, Connecticut via Skype due to his popular Youtube broadcasts that involve recording dashboard conversations with his grandma Lill.

The videos from his YouTube channel have been gaining millions of viewers. Kevin’s grandma believes that real celebrity stories are actual events that happened to his classmates. Such stories include Jennifer Lawrence from Kevin’s math class exposing nudes photos or Kevin asking Beyonce to prom.

“2 years ago, I was really bored one summer, and I just put a camera on the dashboard and posted it…it got a lot of positive feedback,” Kevin stated on his first Jimmy Kimmel Live interview on October 1. During his first appearance Kimmel challenged Kevin to implement the ‘Frozen’ movie plot into a casual drive with his grandma.

Kimmel of course is no stranger to his own fair share of elaborate pranks. Kevin accepted the challenge and hilarity ensued.


Kevin described Anna as a girl who came over to their house and that he asked to homecoming. He uses Elsa’s character as a jealous sister who runs away into the woods, throwing ice at the police in frustration.

“How do you meet these crazy girls?” his grandma asked. “People that go to my school are crazy,” Kevin replied on camera.

Kevin is rising in his own internet fame. Attention grew locally and eventually went national. In an interview with FOX Connecticut, Kevin’s mother praises his off camera humbleness. “We were in New Haven at Pepe’s Pizza and a kid from Holland comes over and says ‘hey I know you!’ Even at Grand Central Station some girls were yelling his name,” his mom stated.

Kevin is in the middle of his senior year at high school. The 17-year-old may need to find new ways to broadcast his sly humor if he attends college away from his grandma.

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]