Katy Perry Slow Dances With An Alien

Katy Perry has managed to pull off some pretty odd feats during her time atop the Billboard charts, but a slow dance with an inflatable alien might be one of her most bizarre public appearances so far.

The superstar singer recently slow danced with the inflatable extraterrestrial, and then posted the video to Instagram. The video isn’t dirty, so feel free to open it up in your browser at work.

In the video Ms. Perry is spotted wearing a pair of battery-powered glowing glasses, as she dances with the inflatable alien on an empty dance floor.

Perry starts the Instagram video with a selfie and then turns the camera towards her alien friend. In the background Whitney’s Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” can be heard.

Perry captioned the video with five simple words: “I will always luh yew.”

Katy Perry’s slow dance with an alien is par for the course for the singer, given her live shows which are high-energy and very quirky. Typically the singer doesn’t go for the type of strange antics we have seen from Lady Gaga and other contemporaries, but she does love to have fun and engage with her audience in goofy ways.

At this point I’m not sure why this clip exists, but I’m glad it does. I’m not alone in my live for this weird clip, Katy Perry’s fans also gave her slow dance with an alien their approval. The Instagram video with her inflatable alien friend has racked up 310,000 likes.

Katy Perry is no Instagram stranger, she currently entertains exactly 7,165,000 followers at the time of this article.