Miss Texas, Karlie Hay, became the new Miss Teen USA on Saturday night, but she’s already involved in controversy after racist tweets were discovered on her Twitter page.

In past social media conversations with friends, Karlie Hay repeatedly used the ‘n’ word on her public pages. After she was crowned the new Miss Teen USA over the weekend, people began delving into her past — on that was still free for the taking on her Twitter page.

They discovered the tweets using offensive language, which dated back to 2013.

Karlie Hay is acknowledging the situation today, saying that she was in a different place in life three years ago. She admits to using such language and acknowledges that it wasn’t right and there was no excuse for it.

While this public acknowledgment seems to be enough for the Miss Universe Organization, which runs the Miss Teen USA pageant and is allowing Karlie Hay to keep her crown, others aren’t quite as quick to dust her previous actions away, noting that she has not specifically expressed remorse for her actions in the past, only saying that she has changed. But how do we know?

Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford sounded off on the scandal, as well, saying that as Miss Teen USA, Hay has an image to uphold and that those tweets should have been removed long ago. She also addressed that the competition was already under fire for an all-white, all-blonde top 5, which demonstrated a significant lack of diversity.

Social Media Reacts to Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay’s Racial Slurs


Image source: missuniverse.com

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