Kaley Cuoco recently cut off her hair and she’ll keep the new hairdo for the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory. The A-list actress told the shows writers and producers that she was more than willing to sport hair extensions, but they decided to work her hairdo into the shows new season.

According to Glamour Magazine, Cuoco chops off a bunch of her hair for a role in Burning Bodhi, and her TBBT writers quickly decided that the hairstyle would refresh her character on the show.

The haircut, featured at the top of this story, is such a dramatic change for Kaley Cuoco, that it will actually be addressed when Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory premieres. Cuoco’s character Penny is considered the ditzy comic relief on the show, but her new hair makes her look more sophisticated. Perhaps her character will finally land a new TV or movie role. For the last seven seasons fans of the show have watched as Penny continues to struggle through a lack of work in her field of choice — acting. Another likely possibility is that Penny, who loves to drink a glass or entire bottle of wine on a regular basis, hits the bottle a little too heavy and lops off a good chunk of her hair.

Thanks to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s love of Instagram, we were recently able to check out her new haircut. Posting under her “NormanCook” Instagram account she showed off her new hairstyle:

Kaley included the following caption with her photo: “Who’s excited for the #thebigbangtheory #season8 premiere Sep 22?!”

Fan’s of the actress seem to love the new haircut, her Instagram post has received 93,500 Likes.

Entertainment Weekly says Kaley felt “lucky” when she was lopping off her hair. She started with a little cut, and then continued to remove an increasing amount of hair. She was also reportedly really happy to keep the hair for the new season of The Big Bang Theory.

I personally love the new haircut. The character of Penny needs to evolve more at some point in time. The guys on the show have learned to relax a little bit more and have fun thanks to Penny’s carefree ways. We have seem glimpses of the guys rubbing off on Penny, and perhaps a new sophisticated look is yet another way to show their influence on her development.

Are you a fan of Kaley Cuoco’s new haircut?

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