If you head over to Yahoo.com today, you might notice that the term “Jurassic Park 1993” is trending online. Some internet users have commented that the term is likely being searched because of the upcoming Jurassic World movie. In reality, the term is actually being investigated because of Sir Richard Attenborough.

As we reported over the weekend, Sir Attenborough passed away at the age of 90. The famed actor and director was best known by American audiences for his portrayal of Dr. John Hammond in Steven Speilberg’s original 1993 Jurassic Park movie. He followed up his role with the movies sequel.

Following his death, the Oscar winner, became a hot topic of discussion among top news outlets and entertainment publications. Internet users quickly began to discuss his 1982 movie Gandhi. Attenborough directed Gandhi and won two Academy Awards for his work, while the film took home eight awards.

In 1993 Sir Richard Attenborough was awarded a life peerage by Queen Elizabeth II. He was awarded the honor after spending his life promoting British cinema.

Despite a large and impressive body of work, the term Jurassic Park 1993 became popular as Twitter users and Facebook posts continued to talk about his blockbuster appearances.

While his work on Jurassic Park in 1993 was impressive, his actual body of work can’t be understated. Along with directing and acting in various films, Attenborough also served as the chairman of the British Film Institute, Channel 4, Goldcrest Films, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and Capital Radio.

Attenborough began his directorial career in 1969 when he filmed an adaptation of Joan Littlewood’s biting musical satire “Oh! What a Lovely War.”

So just remember that the term “Jurassic Park 1993” isn’t just about a man who played Dr. John Hammond. It is in fact an homage to a director and actors life who touched the hearts and souls of many cinema fans around the world.

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