There were a lot of great acts tonight on “America’s Got Talent.” There were a lot of great acts that I think are legitimately talented tonight on “America’s Got Talent.” There was definitely one performance that was definitely set apart from the rest of the… talent. That was of course, Juan Carlos.

Do I think Juan Carlos is the best talent in America? Of course not. Do I think he is wildly entertaining? I honestly am not sure I would even go that far. At the end of his performance I found myself thinking, “What just happened?” What I can say is that I smiled the entire time.

I found myself having a “Borat” moment. You know that moment? When you are caught up in the character and the rest doesn’t matter too much? I think that means that a portion of America will love the character of Juan Carlos. I think that also means that the rest of America will hate Juan Carlos. They will really hate Juan Carlos. That’s ok, it’s an acquired humor. It’s “Borat” humor. Actually, he was more of a character on Reno 911 I think (Lt. Dangle).

Juan Carlos is a character to say the very least. His persona and stage presence are definitely something that has to be experienced and will not be appreciated by all. I don’t think he will win the competition. I am not even confident he will make it out of this week (read: I highly doubt he will make it any further), but I did find him entertaining tonight. He made me smile, he made me laugh, and I wanted to see more because of his character, not his… “talent.”

In case you missed it, here is Juan Carlos’ entertaining rollerblading performance of “Vogue.”

As Howie had alluded, America completely disagrees with how much he likes Juan Carlos. I get that. There is a lot of sheer talent on this show and let’s be honest, it isn’t Juan Carlos. So what did America actually have to say about Juan Carlos tonight?

Now it’s your turn. You’ve read some of the Twitter highlight of America. The people that love him, really love Juan Carlos. The people that dislike Juan Carlos, really, really despise him. What do you think? Leave your comments below!