Josh Gordon Car Salesman and the NFL

Josh Gordon was the top receiver in the NFL for the 2013 season, but after a season ending suspension he has accepted a new job — Chevrolet car salesman.

Last month the NFL announced that Gordon had violated its drug policy, and they promptly served him with a season ending suspension. Gordon has struggled with substance abuse in the past, so sitting at home with no distractions might have been a bad decision.

Instead of sitting around waiting to play in the NFL again, Josh Gordon will serve as an everyman of sorts for the Sarchione Auto group. He will acts as a “goodwill ambassador” between the auto group and the charity efforts for the Wounded Warrior Project. He will also spend some time on the floor, selling cars.

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson announced Gordon’s plans on Twitter. In her tweet Anderson writes, “#Browns WR Josh Gordon has a new job. “He will be the goodwill ambassador for the Sarchione Auto group in Randolph, Ohio.” That group includes Sarchione Ford and Sarchione Chevrolet .

If you want to see Jeff Gordon in action this season, you will have to head over to the car dealership. His new job starts this weekend and likely ends when training picks up again for the 2015 NFL season.

In the meantime, Ray Rice is serving a two-game suspension for beating up his wife to the point that she was knocked out. He won’t need another job, because he will return to regular gameplay in a few weeks.

I’ll take the guy who smoked a little bit of pot over the guy who beat his girlfriend up and then married her.

[Photo Credit: Charles Henry]