John Cleese found out he hard way that if you insult Taylor Swift’s cat, you suffer the consequences.

The legendary British comedian poked fun at Olivia Benson – Swift’s cat – during an appearance with Swift on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, in which Norton showed a picture of Benson to the audience.

Everyone ooohed and ahhhed over the picture except for Cleese, who had some choice words for the cute, but slightly weird looking, kitty. Cleese turned to Swift and said:

“How did it have the accident? Is this a proper cat? Or is it damaged irreparably? That’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Swift gave Cleese the dagger eyes, and the two engaged in a good-humored battle of who was the weirder-looking cat, in which Norton showed a picture of Cleese’s wife holding his cat, which was almost her size.

Norton remarked:

“John Cleese! Look at that thing! That is not climbing your curtains.”

Swift looked in shock at Cleese’s cat and responded:

“It’s a monster.”

Cleese explained that the ginormous cat was an American breed, and that he wanted him to cone to the show, but the massive tomcat didn’t want to come.

But at least Cleese and Swift shared a common interest in their love for cats. The third guest, cricket star Kevin Pietersen, said that he was not a cat person at all, which caused Swift to scoot away from him, and prompted Cleese to respond:

“I can’t be around people like you.”

In response Olivia Benson Swift has gone from house cat to the newest model for Keds Sneaky Cat Sneakers.

Apparently everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold, even slightly weird looking cats.

It will be interesting to see if Keds sells more sneakers simply because the pop singer has allowed her cat to model their shoes.

[Photo Credit: Photopin]