Has the pumpkin spice craze officially gone too far? If you ask Jimmy Kimmel, who recently shared his thoughts on an Italian restaurant chain’s pumpkin spice pizza, the answer would be a resounding “yes.” Villa Italian Kitchen celebrated the first day of fall by releasing their newest pizza and the late-night talk show host is having none of it.

“This [pumpkin spice pizza] is a real item on a menu at a restaurant called Villa Italian Kitchen where someone—I don’t know who, probably a monster—decided it would be a good idea to combine pumpkin spice and pizza. Two things that go together like peanut butter and snow tires,” Kimmel said. He jokingly encouraged people to call their senators in order to “make pizza great again.” After all, “pumpkin spice is not good on pizza.” Watch Kimmel’s entire monologue below:

The pizza chain, which went viral earlier this year for their pizza-kini, invited Kimmel to try their latest creation before bashing it. “Thanks for the shout out, @JimmyKimmel and @jimmykimmellive, but we respectfully disagree!” they wrote on Facebook. “Our Pumpkin Spice Pizza is awesome and we challenge you to try it for yourself!”

According to Delish, Villa Italian Kitchen began serving their pumpkin spice pizza last Friday. The pizza combines classic elements of a cheese pizza, such as homemade dough and mozzarella cheese, with sauce that’s actually pumpkin pie filling. The filling is also used as a topping to add a little extra layer of pumpkin-spice “goodness.”

Villa Italian Kitchen shared an image of the pizza on Facebook earlier this month, writing, “We know you crave that warm pumpkin spice flavor at this time of year. So we’ve created a delicious marriage of a classic Villa Italian Kitchen cheese pizza and all the cozy, seasonal flavors of fall just for you.” The pizza chain’s spokesperson Brian Lowe added that the pizza is “a magical place where all the deliciousness of pizza meets the flavors of pumpkin spice.”

Kimmel wasn’t the only late-night talk show host to weigh in on the seemingly odd twist. Last week, Seth Meyers joked on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that if customers liked the pumpkin spice pizza, then they were going to “love Starbucks’ new linguini mocha.”

While the pumpkin spice pizza does sound like an unusual food hybrid, just remember that nothing’s as bad as cheese pizza covered in candy corn, which is an actual mixture in the Twitterverse. Now that would make for one scary Halloween dish.

One day after he spoke out against pumpkin spice pizza, Kimmel had some additional thoughts on “the pumpkin spicing of America.” Check out Wednesday’s PSA in the above video.

See how social media reacted to Villa Italian Kitchen’s pumpkin spice pizza below:

Social Media Reacts to Villa Italian Kitchen’s Pumpkin Spice Pizza

What are your thoughts on Jimmy Kimmel’s pumpkin spice pizza PSA? Would you try a slice of pumpkin spice pizza? Sound off in the comments section below!