Ready for another round of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets? Number 8 was released by the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! today, complete with a brand new slate of celebrities being thrown under the bus in 140 characters.

Just in case you’ve been over your data usage for the past couple years, “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is a skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show where a random group of celebrities sit down and read real tweets about them. As the title implies, the tweets are less than flattering, providing a nice reality check for some of our favorite stars. Anything to keep them humble, I guess.

In the latest entry, Twitter takes on the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow (calling her an “ugly a** big bird looking b****”), Lena Dunham (calling her boobs “dog noses”), and Gerard Butler, who is apparently in so much student loan debt that he has to sign up for pretty much any sh** film that comes his way.

Also included in the send-up are TV legend Bob Newhart, pop star Britney Spears, and actors Chris Pratt, Michael Chiklis and Ted Danson.

Most of the celebs lampooned take it in stride, but it’s a funny clip that’s going viral this Friday for a reason.

Watch “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets 8” below!