Jeremy Calvert appears to be erasing Teen Mom‘s troubled Leah Messer from his life while he is partying in Las Vegas.

Leah Messer is having a rough year, having been accused of drug abuse, cheating, and being an overall unfit mother. Now it appears that her husband, Jeremy, is erasing her from his life while he parties with his buddies on a Vegas trip.

Calvert has erased all signs of Messer from his social media accounts. This came on the heels of Calvert accusing the reality star of cheating on him. After the accusations, Messer deleted all signs of Messer, then tweeted “Vegas would be great right now!”

Meanwhile, Messer has been working overtime to ensure her fans that her marriage is not falling apart, tweeting “There is nothing more important in my life than my husband and my girls! I love you all so much!” She added the hashtag #AAA to give a shout out to her three daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn. Last month, she tweeted directly to Calvert “It’s such a beautiful day, & I’m so blessed to be able to spend it with my family! I love you @Calvert505!”

Aside from being accused of cheating, Leah Messer has been struggling with drug addiction this year, having already been accused of falling asleep while watching her kids on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2.

While she is working feverishly to keep her marriage in tact via social media, Jeremy Calvert appears to be working equally as hard to move on from his marriage with Leah Calvert.