Alright, alright. You know I love Jake. I’ve written about him several times this season. But I REALLY love Jake. Tonight’s show validated for me and the rest of America just why he should be the winner of, “The Voice.” If you’ve watched even 1 episode of this season, you know that Jake has an unmatched charisma and personality. If you were lucky enough to see some of his performances (ok, you didn’t think I would forget to include a link to my favorite performance of his, did you? See below.) on tonight’s show, you saw something special and different that we haven’t seen from Jake yet. A renewed vigor. New vocal skills we haven’t heard from him yet. A perfect time to show up and blow the audience and coaches away.

If you missed the coaches’ comments. They were ranting and raving, but the most notable reaction came from Adam Levine. Adam was asking Jake Worthington for vocal advice. For Jake to teach Adam his sound. Jake, buddy, if you are ready this.. for the LOVE OF GOD, re-read my last  few sentences. Adam Levine, one of the best, most unique, most celebrated artist in recent history wants YOU, Jake Worthington, to teach HIM your sound. Adam Levine wants YOU, Jake Worthington, a COUNTRY singer, to teach him how to mimic your voice.  If that doesn’t scream someone that Jake should be the next “Voice,” I don’t know what does.

It’s been a really long time since I have heard a breakthrough country artist, not just on “The Voice,” but even as I jam out to my SiriusXM radio on my way to and from work. Jake Worthington’s sound is unique. It’s true blue country. It’s not contemporary and that’s ok. He has an old school country sound. Jake Worthington is exactly the type of musician that should win this competition and revitalize the country music scene.

Do I have any idea which of the three finalists will be “The Voice?” No clue. I can’t even pretend to know what America will do when they get to vote. What I can tell you is, Jake Worthington deserves to win. He’s pushed himself and his sound week after week. He connects with his songs on levels I don’t think I have ever seen on this show. He has created an incredible fan base. I really would love to see Jake win this thing.

Regardless of what happens with America’s votes, Jake Worthington is “The Voice” in my opinion.