iPhone 6 Plus Reviews

When Apple announced their massive iPhone 6 Plus earlier this month, it managed to be both yawn-inducing and headline-grabbing. With apologies to Samsung, it was clear that the new iPhone was The Next Big Thing.

That Next Big Thing hit the streets this week. So now that it’s out in the wild, how does the new iPhone 6 with the comparatively huge 5.5-inch screen rate with the all-important tech pundits of the Internet?

Unsurprisingly, quite well.

The Guardian’s Charles Arthur gives it a perfect five stars, praising its “familiar” charm that now comes in the increasingly popular “phablet” size.

Too big. This thing’s too big. Waaay too big. It’s… actually, that screen is pretty nice, isn’t it? Wow, you really can get a lot of content on there, can’t you? Hey, my hand’s getting used to the size. It’s quite comfortable, isn’t it?

And that’s how it goes with the iPhone 6 Plus. I expected to find it far too big, and at first my expectations were met. But give it a few minutes, perhaps a couple of days, and you’ll find yourself strangely attracted to its huge-seeming screen.

But he points to a couple problems that recur in other reviews: the big screen, while quite nice, is not a good fit for many current apps; and seems to require large hands to really get a grip on.

Ewan Spence at Forbes points to a big problem with the larger size:

The size is a major distortion of the initial vision of the iPhone – traditionally a 5.5 inch screened smartphone requires a two-handed approach unlike Apple’s previous focus on single-handed operation, and the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t feel completely comfortable in these larger shoes.

Nilay Patel echoes that at The Verge, saying that

The bigger screen comes with a tradeoff, though: it’s a totally new resolution for an iOS device, so apps that aren’t updated for the 6 Plus simply get zoomed up to fit the screen.

He doesn’t think it’s a major concern though, at least not in the long term after developers update their apps to take advantage of the larger real estate. Patel says that the “absolutely stunning display” is “tremendous” for watching video, pointing out that “the display is almost as big as the iPad mini showing 16:9 videos since the mini has to letterbox those videos to fit its 4:3 screen.”

But is bigger really better? Is the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus really a better buy than the 4.7 iPhone 6? Macworld’s writers divided on the question, but most seemed to think that either way, Apple had made a good call joining the rest of the smartphone world in upgrading from its relatively tiny 4-inch screens.

In any event, fans flocked to Apple stores, lining up before opening for the chance to nab one of the two new phones.

Even Justin Bieber can’t help but rave on Twitter:

While sales figures are yet to be announced, Bloomberg reports that iPhone 6 Plus supplies may be short of all this demand.

[Photo Credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc]