The iPhone 6 Plus is bending in people’s pockets. Apple’s newest, and largest smartphone yet, is reportedly warping itself after being placed in tight jeans pockets.

Users on Twitter began sharing their own iPhone 6 Plus bending stories, which led YouTube user Unbox Therapy to prove their claims.

In the video we witness first hand as the iPhone 6 Plus bends itself out of shape.

Reports of the smartphones warping arrived just one day after warranty provider SquareTrade  called the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the “most durable smartphones ever.”

At first CNNMoney claimed that the iPhone 6 bending issue may have been a “systemic design flaw, a defect in a limited number of devices or even a hoax.” However, the hoax claim was soon laid to rest. Oddly enough CNNMoney claimed that they couldn’t replicate the issue on the Plus, although Unbox Therapy managed to replicate the bending effect in just a matter of seconds.

Apple reporting website MacRumors was quick to display various iPhone 6 Plus device that featured a slight warp to their body. At least one Apple user claimed that they had only carried the phone in their front pocket for “several hours” before the warping occurred.

The main theme with the bending issue is that it occurs near the very top of the smartphone, by its speaker and buttons.

The issue is being called #Bendgate and that has led to some funny responses from Twitter users:

Apple has not yet responded to the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue. News of the potential problem arrives on the same day that many iPhone 6 users have claimed Bluetooth connectivity problems with their phones and their vehicle’s bluetooth systems.

Have you experienced the unexpected iPhone 6 Plus bending issue on your new smartphone? Share your experiences in our comments section.

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