Now that the dust has settled on the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, it’s time to take a look at the Instagram analytics to find the photos & hashtags from the games that deserve a gold medal. Below are the 10 most liked Instagram photos that were tagged with #sochi, #olympics2014, or #sochi2014 (the official hashtag) — the 3 most used hashtags.

You may be surprised by the most popular photos on Instagram, since snowboards catching huge air, and medal ceremony images are absent, with group selfies and the opening ceremonies attracting some of the most likes:

10. @nbcolympics account – 17.5K likes – Tagged with #Sochi & #Sochi2014

The 10th most popular Instagram photo of the 2014 Olympics, and the only one NBC has in the top 10, captures a tribute to Canadian skier Sarah Burke who died in a skiing accident in Utah in 2012, and had her ashes spread over the mountains surrounding Sochi during the games.

9. @Sochi2014 account – 17.7K likes – Tagged with #Sochi2014

At #9 is the only photo from the official Sochi2014 Instagram account, that unsurprisingly uses the official #Sochi2014 hashtag to capture fireworks during the closing ceremony.

8. @GracieGold95 account – 21.7K likes – Tagged with #Sochi2014

The only photo from a US athlete to make the top 10, this selfie is from the bronze medal-winning figure skater also includes US skater Jason Brown.

7. @tina_kandelaki account – 24.1K likes – Tagged with #sochi2014 and #olympics2014

The photo in 7th place is notable for the fact that it was reposted by Russian journalist Tina Kandelaki from a Reuters photographer, and doesn’t use any of Instagram’s filters.

6. @voguemagazine account – 24.2K likes – Tagged with #sochi

A big win for @voguemagazine, they captured this close up shot of Mikaela Shiffrin’s gold medal for slalom.

5. @adelinasotnikova account – 29.8K likes – Tagged with #sochi2014

This group selfie from gold medal-winning Russian figure skater Adelina Sotnikova got almost 30,000 likes.

4. @adelinasotnikova account – 37.8K likes – Tagged with #sochi2014 and #Olympicsgames2014

Adelina Sotnikova also posted the 3rd most liked Instagram image from this year’s Olympics, with herself stretching inside the Olympic rings sculpture in the athletes’ village.

3. @Sarcasm_only account – 38.3K likes – Tagged with #sochi

In addition to being the 3rd most liked Instagram image of the Olympics, this someecards meme has the distinction of being the #1 most liked image tagged with #sochi (the most used hashtag of the Olympics overall) and the most commented-on image with over 7,280 comments.

2. @Irinashayk account – 51.9K likes – Tagged with #olympics2014

The 2nd most liked photo on Instagram from the Olympics is this one from Russian model Irina Shayk. American audiences will be able to see more of Irina this summer when she appears with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

1. @theellenshowaccount – 158k likes – Tagged with #olympics2014

Far and away the most liked photo using one of the top 3 Olympic hashtags is this one that posted by The Ellen Show as the games were starting. It was tactically executed, using the #olympics2014 hashtag that was added by 72% more users than the official #sochi2014 hashtag.

About the data: All the data in this article was collected with Piqora’s Instagram hashtag tracking product, part of the complete marketing suite for the visual web. For this article only photos that were tagged with the 3 most popular English language hashtags were considered for inclusion.