Ireland Larson Facebook
Ireland Larson Facebook

File this one under adorable.

Ireland Larson really, really, really loves Imagine Dragons. But for this 7 year old, going to see them in concert during their stop in Chicago wasn’t an option.

Larson, who is originally from Minnesota, is currently awaiting a heart transplant at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Born with a congenital heart defect, she has undergone three heart surgeries and due to complications the last several years, has lead to heart failure, according to her Facebook page.

Upon hearing that Imagine Dragons would be playing a concert in Chicago as part of their Smoke + Mirrors Tour, Larson was ecstatic. Unfortunately, she was not able to leave the hospital, so her mother created a video in hopes that Ireland would be able to meet them.

“I was wondering if you guys could come because I really, really, really want to see you guys,” Larson explains in the video.

She adds on that they are her favorite band and that she dreams of becoming a world-famous singer, just like them. She even offers them “$5 and some candy” if they come to see her.

Now who could resist that?

Her dream to meet the band became a reality. According to ET Online, the tour manager got in contact with Larson’s mother, Kathleen. Expecting only the tour manager to be there, it came as a complete surprise to see all of the band members—Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman—there in the lobby.

They each brought $5 and a huge bag of candy.

The next day, Ireland’s mother posted this on Facebook:

They came with no security, stood in line to get passes to come upstairs, were told they had to wait to get in and did so patiently. They sat on the floor in her room and talked about princess, watched Frozen and just hung out.

On the Larson Family’s Give Forward page, which has raised over $17,000, Larson’s father Cody wrote, “I can not thank the Imagine Dragons enough for hanging out with Ireland this morning, and making one of her dreams come true.”

The visit from Imagine Dragons lifted everyone’s spirits and, without a doubt, made Ireland feel “on top of the world.”