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Imagine Dragons Facebook

Imagine Dragons have announced the release date for their upcoming album, as well as releasing a new single. Their upcoming album, Smoke + Mirrors, will be released Feb. 17, 2015 and will feature 13 tracks, including the now two singles that have been released. The first single “I Bet My Life” was released towards the end of October and their latest single, “Gold,” was released at midnight.

This will be the sophomore album from the Las Vegas natives. Based off their singles, it sounds as if this album could have some different audio and effects infused with their alternative rock sound than were heard in their first album “Night Visions.”

1. Shots
2. Gold
3. Smoke + Mirrors
4. I’m So Sorry
5. I Bet My Life
6. Polaroid
7. Friction
8. It Comes Back To You
9. Dream
10. Summer
11. Trouble
12. Hopeless Opus
13. The Fall

The latest album is already making its mark as well. With the catchy, upbeat songs that have already been released, time will tell if the rest of the album will “turn to gold.”

The announcement of a new album also left fans excited over future tour dates.

Will you be checking out their new sound?

Here is their newest single, “Gold”: