The holidays are upon us and that means everyone’s favorite elves are back in action—from Hermey the misfit-elf-turned-dentist to the creepy Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, Santa’s helpers add to the overall holiday spirit. But if you were actually an elf, what would you do? That’s the question Twitter users sought to answer as part of a festive hashtag game—with some help from Buddy, the (human) elf.

#IfIWereAnElf, which became a trending hashtag in the Whimsical Wednesdays hashtag game Wednesday afternoon, pictured what life would be like if humans were elves, causing many to channel Will Ferrell’s iconic character Buddy from the classic Christmas movie “Elf.” The hashtag game, which generated more than 3,000 tweets, included spreading lots of Christmas cheer, eating tons of sugary treats, sitting on thrones of lies and, of course, smiling—because “smiling’s my favorite.”

Take a look at some of the best #IfIWereAnElf tweets below:

Social Media Wonders Wha Life Would Be Like As An Elf with #IfIWereAnElf

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Photo credit: Warner Home Video, IMDb