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What would we do without dogs? If our furry friends weren’t a part of our lives, the world would surely be a lot less cute and far less cuddly. Dogs are able to not only help reduce stress and boost mental health but research also suggests that people who own dogs live longer. They are truly man’s best friend.

As part of a hashtag game, Twitter users wondered what the world would be like if dogs weren’t in it. While many people question what we did to deserve dogs and joke that they are too pure for this world, have we ever really considered what life would be like if dogs didn’t exist?

#IfItWerentForDogs, which became a trending hashtag in the iCanHash hashtag game Wednesday morning, pictured a world without dogs. The hashtag game generated more than 21,000 tweets as Twitter users shared how different their lives would be if they didn’t have a dog by their side. What would we do without heartwarming videos, adorable gifs and unconditional love?

Take a look at some of the best #IfItWerentForDogs tweets below:

Social Media Imagines What Life Would Be Like #IfItWerentForDogs

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