Franklin Fountain
Franklin Fountain

A Philadelphia ice cream shop is making one tasty political statement in their latest ice cream flavor. Franklin Fountain is serving up an ImPeach Sundae, complete with nuts and Cheetos.

In their Instagram post, the ice cream shop describes the concoction as “peach ice cream smothered in nuts from the cabinet, with a side of our orange colored Tomato Ice Cream topped with Cheetos.” The best part? Customers can even eat the sundae with a small spoon by request “to make any hands look huge.”

According to Billy Penn, the sundae costs $9 and will be available until their supply of tomato ice cream runs out. Co-owner Eric Berley came up with the idea with the help of his brother and business partner. Last year, they also created ice cream flavors for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Berley has plenty of other ideas too. He recently created a recipe for bastani sonnati, a traditional Persian ice cream. He hopes it will serve as a “soft protest” on immigration issues, given that it is very popular in Iran—one of the seven Muslim-majority countries that was impacted by President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Proceeds from sales will go to the Nationalities Service Center, a local immigration nonprofit.

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