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Hugh Jackman’s Endorsement For Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign Goes Viral

Playing hero is nothing new to Hugh Jackman. On Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated actor Tweeted his support of testicular cancer awareness for the ‘Crotch Grab Challenge’, which serves potential and purpose like the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This campaign, boldly defined by the hash tag #Feelingnuts, is sponsored by the U.K. non-profit organization Check One Two. For October so far, it is hitting the ground running in the celebrity community on social media. Also known as the “Crotch Grab Challenge”, it is designed to remind all men to frequently receive checkups for any early signs of testicular cancer. The campaign’s website covers how contributors can tell how they receive an examination while poking fun at nicknaming one’s own testicles.

Hugh Jackman’s tweet (along with a “slo-mo” style Instagram video grabbing his crotch) gained a huge following. To top it all off, Jackman challenged British comedian Ricky Gervais to do his own ‘Crotch Grab Challenge’. Other celebrities like actor William Shatner and singer Nick Jonas are participating as well.

Hugh Jackman knows what it is like to overcome a form of cancer. He received treatment of skin cancer (basel cell carcinoma) on his nose in May of this year. Overall, about 380 men died in the United States of testicular cancer in 2014, according to Cancer.org.

A pair of brothers Simon and Andrew Salter started Check One Two. They wanted to spread awareness globally to the ails of testicular cancer after discovering that a 19-year-old young man fell victim to the condition by refusing to get himself examined.

Breast cancer traditionally hauls in a lot of donations for October with pink ribbon campaigning. Women take pride in the strengthened awareness and the impact of saving future generations. The Salter brothers’ online movement for men (with Jackman’s Hollywood star power) may boost donations and self-examinations in the months and years to come as well.

Photo Credit: Instagram