A homeless rapper named Joseph Lane has landed a record contract. Instead of jamming out on an old guitar for commuters who are going about their day, Joseph uses his heartfelt lyrics to captivate audiences. Recently one of his performances was captured on video, and since September 30, it has racked up 227,817 views.

Joseph goes by the rapper name ‘Solow Redline’, and his passionate rapping about life on the streets has captivated many YouTube users. His video has received 3,522 upvotes, and that was apparently enough love for independent label 89 Music, to sign the rapper.

According to label Chief Executive Officer Cordell Hunter, “When I saw him I was like I have to do something to help this dude get out of this situation.”

Hunter didn’t just sign the rapper to his label, he also setup a  GoFundMe  page to help raise money so Lane will have a place to live while he works on his debut rap album.

In an interview with Fox 32 Lane said: ‘I’ve been homeless for a long time and I just want to get a home for my kids, I want my babies to grow up and be proud of their father. I don’t want them to look at me and be like my daddy performed on the subway all his life and he didn’t make nothing.”

If the Chicago subway rapper puts the same emotions behind his debut album as he does while performing in the streets, he could have a big hit album on his hands.