How likely are you to get a date if you join Tinder? If your name is Adolf Hitler and you died in 1945 after ordering the execution of 6 million Jewish people, your chances are actually pretty good. Sadly your chances as the former dictator are probably actually better than some real Tinder users.

Recently one bored Tinder romantic posted his name as Adolf  and used the Nazi leaders images to score some conversations. The joke could have ended there, but instead, people actually started swiping to the right, signaling their interest in the dead Nazi leader.

Here’s a screenshot of Adolf on Tinder:

Revealed on Reddit, we have come to learn that the man behind the prank kept up his alter ego for a full month, and along the way he collected some of his best Tinder conversations.

Obviously there wasn’t a lot of people who actually thought Adolf Hitler was using Tinder from beyond the grave, but the campaign did prove to be very click-bait friendly. Women swiped right just to see why the posting was created.

Sadly one Tinder use actually admitted that one of their longest Tinder conversations to date has actually been with the Adolf Hitler profile.

If you can’t find a date, or at least a friend on Tinder, you might want to reevaluate your life decisions, or in the least tucker down with a copy of Ken Burns’ The War documentary.