If you were a teenager or 20-something in the mid-90s, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Empire Records. What you might not know is that every year on April 8, Rex Manning Day is officially celebrated.

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No joke. There’s even an official website.

Over the years, Empire Records has gained a cult-like following (especially given that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015). The basic premise of the film is this: A group of teenagers who are wildly different from each other work in a music store. The movie looks at one Saturday in their lives — one in which they get accepted to college, profess their teen love, bust shop lifters, sing, dance, hold a fake funeral, and try to figure out how to save the store from being purchased by a big corporate chain.

And all of that is to say nothing of the fact that it’s Rex Manning Day at Empire Records — the day that washed-up “star” Rex Manning is coming to the store to sign autographs.

And Rex Manning Day is, like, the biggest deal — especially to Liv Tyler’s character Corey who adores him (and has ulterior motives).

Here is the super cheesy video created for the movie.

Feeling nostalgic now? Say no more, mon amour (sorry, I had to). In honor and celebration of Rex Manning Day, let’s take a trip down Empire Records memory lane.

13 Favorite Empire Records Memories

1. They work in a record store, so they’re pretty much just jamming out all the time.

2. You repeated this quote over and over again (and maybe, like me, you still do)

3. Debra shaves off all her hair in the bathroom.

4. Witty banter between Gina and Debra.

5. They hold a fake funeral for Debra

6. The gang takes a shoplifter into custody. He refers to himself as Warren Beatty. They make fun of him for being lame and then make him pose for pictures with Rex Manning.

7. Corey’s lunch “rendezvous” with Rex Manning doesn’t go the way she’d planned.

8. Lucas was always saying terribly profound things

9. AJ tells Corey he loves her. She freaks out.

They obviously end up together.

10. A lot of time is wasted.

11. They decide to hold a “benefit” on the roof of Empire Records. Marc goes on TV to invite everyone to come down for the party to help them “Damn the man! Save the Empire!”

12. The soundtrack was awesome.

Everyone listened to this, the “theme song” for the movie:

I was always more partial to this track:

13. But let’s not forget the main attraction: REX MANNING DAY (est. April 8, 1995)!