markito / Pixabay

Today’s total solar eclipse wasn’t the only thing attracting the attention of millions of people. While many gazed at the sky as the moon passed in front of the sun, others watched as hundreds of tiny crescent-shaped shadows danced on the ground.

According to KMOV, the crescent shadows can be seen under the shadow of a tree or through any object with small pinholes. “As light is cast through the leaves, hundreds of little moon-shaped shadows will appear on the ground.” The resulting shadows are almost as breathtaking as the rare celestial event itself.

The crescent-shaped shadows aren’t the only impressive spectacle during the solar eclipse. Shadow bands can also be seen moving along a surface before and after the astronomical phenomenon. Also called shadow snakes, these delicate lines undulate “like ripples of sunshine at the bottom of a swimming pool,” NASA says. The appearance of shadow bands is generally unpredictable and varies in each unique solar eclipse.

See some of the photos of the solar eclipse’s crescent shadows below:

Social Media Shares Photos of the Solar Eclipse’s Crescent Shadows

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