“Boy Meets World” fans, rejoice! The moment you’ve been waiting for has come…the premiere of Disney Channel’s new spinoff series “Girl Meets World.” There were high hopes coming into tonight’s episode. It opens on New York City where the family is living and it doesn’t take too long before Cory and Topanga make an entrance, stirring up lots of feelings of nostalgia.

“It’s not your world yet, it’s my world,” Ben Savage’s character, Cory says to his daughter Riley. “Go ahead, make it yours.” Riley and Maya then head for the subway where they tackle one of their first lessons between friends…boys.

And the introduction? It was definitely reminiscent of the original “Boy Meets World” intro. There were paper planes, the globe, and even some adorable flashback scenes of Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel (including Topanga’s crimped hair).

It’s then taken to the classroom where who else could be the teacher but Cory? That’s where the next lessons is encountered. Classroom lessons, Farkle, Riley dealing with her father being her teacher yet still wanting to fit in, and oh, there’s that boy from the subway again.

Then there’s an adorable moment between Cory and Topanga, discussing their two children and marriage. “Well you listened to me, you big stupid,” Savage’s character says. Glad they’re finding ways to incorporate those classic Cory and Topanga moments.

Back in the classroom, Farkle is pretty much the Minkus of this show and Maya continues to not do her homework, with Riley tagging along this time. Their grand idea to sidestep homework leads to the fire alarm going off and Cory sending Maya to detention.

One last encounter in the subway and Maya tells Riley they probably won’t be able to hang out as often anymore. “Don’t be me,” Maya says, even though Riley told her she is her best friend. Their friendship seems to be interesting, not exactly like a Cory and Shawn friendship though.

The last few minutes are the entire family in the subway and Riley and Maya perfectly summing up: “Big world…ours now.”

The episode ends with a nice addition from Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) saying, “Well done, Mr. Matthews!” in a vision in front of his poster in the subway.

While it’s hard to measure how well this series will turn out based on the premiere, it was still a cute start. It may not be a “Boy Meets World” hit but it will probably find its own little niche of lesson giving and memories.

What did you think of the premiere?