Rap artist The Game wants to let St. Louis Cardinals fans who could travel back to Los Angeles for Game 5 of the National League Divisional Series to watch where they wear their Cardinal red.

According to TMZ, a reporter for the website caught up to the rapper and asked him about baseball. The Game told the reporter that he does watch baseball and that he is a fan of the Dodgers, who are playing the Cardinals in the NLDS.

When the reporter ask him if they could be cool if he (the reporter) wore a Cardinals jersey, The Game replied:

“It depends on where you are out here, because the Cardinals are red, you get caught in the wrong hood, it might not be about baseball. It might be about baseball bats.”

After the video was put up on social media, many took to Twitter to call out The Game on his comments:


One Cardinals fan took to Twitter to tell The Game that his team has no plans of returning to L.A. for Game Five:

In reality, The Game was referring to the Crips vs. Bloods gang rivalry. Red is the color for the Bloods and blue is the color for the Crips, and in certain neighborhoods in L.A., wearing red could get you killed. But one Twitter follower did offer a realistic advice to The Game:

[Photo Credit: Photopin]