Roger Goodell has taken a lot of criticism in light of his handling of several incidents lately. In particular, the release of the security video that shows Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiance has people calling for Goodell’s job. There’s been a slight additional controversy over whether or not the the NFL Commissioner had seen the video, or had tried hard enough to see it.

A women’s advocacy group, UltraViolet, has been a big part of the pressure, flying banners that say #GoodellMustGo over some stadiums during Sunday’s games.

However, the campaign was take a step farther on Twitter, where a startling image was added to the hashtag. It’s a photoshopped version of a Covergirl ad. The original ad, shown below, is one of a series Covergirl released, with individual versions based on each team.

The image originated with feminist and journalist Adele Stan. She tweeted the edited image on Friday, and it has since been further edited, and gone viral.

Others added to the call for Covergirl to cease support of the NFL.

UltraViolet is circulating a petition for Goodell’s resignation, citing law enforcement claims that NFL officials saw the video in April and still only suspended Rice for two games, until the general public saw it as well.

The image has resulted in a range of responses, from support of the campaign to disgust with it. Even many supporters of #GoodellMustGo find the photoshopped ad inappropriate and offensive. The prevailing opinion on social media, though, seems to be that it was a necessary shock to call attention to a problem in how the NFL handles violence.

Image Credit: Covergirl, Adele Stan