A funeral for a frozen chicken was held at a grocery store in America’s liberal capital city of Berkeley, California. Members from the animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere stormed a supermarket and held a makeshift burial service for one of the frozen chickens in the poultry aisle.

The incident began when one of the activists grabbed one of the dead and iced-over fowls, looked at the camera, and said “In memory of a life lost,” before taking it over to the meat department and shouting “It’s not food, it’s violence.” Other members clad in black clothing, and carrying flowers and signs arrived with a miniature cardboard coffin where the chicken was placed. The lead activist then proceeded with a eulogy and lamented about the abuse and trauma chickens go through simply for being born as a species that humans rely on for food.

During the “service,” a security personnel intervenes and urges the activists to leave but to no avail. After multiple members deliver a speech, the casket was carried over to the checkout lane. It was then that the police arrive and the protestors leave.

The frozen chicken funeral is not the first time that Direct Action Everywhere has staged this type of stunt. The organization has been involved in multiple similar protests. In a previous rally, the group stormed a Chipotle restaurant and shouted the same “It’s not food, it’s violence” slogan in front of patrons and telling them that there is no such thing as humanely slaughtered meat. The group has filmed every one of their stunts and has their own YouTube channel.

The whole incident regarding the frozen chicken funeral has drawn comments from both supporters and critics alike. Some have echoed their support for the animal rights group while others have called it a radical organization whose antics have done nothing but reveal the lunacy of the animal rights movement.

[photo credit: JR P]