Sachin Tendulkar considered the “God” of cricket who has hit many centuries and is one of the best cricketers in the world, has failed to gain recognition from the grand slam champion and tennis queen Maria Sharapova. Sachin Tendulkar was in the Royal Box in Wimbledon on Saturday, 28th June 2014. He was not the only celebrity sportsperson there; he was in company of English footballer David Beckham, golfer Ian Poulter and former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss.

When Sharapova was asked at her post-match press conference if she knew that a cricket icon had come to see her play, the Russian champion said she had met Beckham a few times but wasn’t familiar with Tendulkar. And that is when it begun!

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Who is Maria Sharpova, has been trending on Twitter as enraged fans are shocked that she isn’t aware who the grand maestro is! They have taken to Twitter and have been ranting non-stop since then. Thus we decided to get the bottom of this situation, and have been tracking this catastrophic event taking place on Twitter with the help of Talkwalker Analytics.

Overall Results

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Angry fans have taken to Twitter, and have ever since been venting and voicing their displeasure towards Maria Sharapova. As you can see on the graph that even though the incident took place on Saturday, 28th June 2014 but on social media it caught wind on 2nd July the second half of the day and has been since then spiralling out of control, hence leading it to trend.

Sentiment Circling around the Issue

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The loyal Sachin Tendulkar fans are very angry, that she doesn’t know the legend is and have taken to this platform to speak ill and make fun of Maria Sharapova; they represent a dominating 43%. Followed by 39% of users who are neutral towards this incident neither are they supporting her nor are they against her, they aren’t the contributors of the angry noise. Then comes the 18% who are supporting Maria Sharapova, by throwing light on that cricket isn’t a global sport and she can’t be blamed for the lack of awareness and are wondering why this issue is is being blown out of proportion.


These are the following Influencers on this platform, who have drawn light on this situation which has increased the noise on Twitter by leaps and bounds which is one of the main reasons of it trending on Twitter.

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I was monitoring Twitter conversations surrounding “Who is Maria Sharapova” and certain tweets really took my eye for their wit, honesty and spunk:

One thing is very clear with this event that social media is the clear go-to, for people when it comes to expressing their feelings; mainly Twitter. Brands/personalities need to be extremely conscious of their presence – online and offline, because just one statement could make a lot of difference.

Your turn

So what do you think is this situation blown out of proportion? Or it is valid for such an outburst among Indian fans?

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