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It’s the one where they all make their off-Broadway debut! The classic ’90s sitcom “Friends” is officially getting the musical treatment with a parody show debuting later this year.

The song list for “Friends: the Musical” will reportedly include “45 Grove Street—How Can We Afford This Place?,” “We Were On A Break!,” “The Ballad of Fat Monica” and, of course, “We’ll Always Be There for You.” There’s even some hope that “Smelly Cat” will once again stink up the stage.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the unauthorized musical parody will feature a smelly cat, Janice and Fat Monica. “We want all the alumni of Friends to come to the show and possibly be in it for a night or two — our first call is to the agent of Marcel the Monkey,” co-writer Tobly McSmith said. The team’s previous musical parodies include “Full House” and “Saved by the Bell,” in addition to “Katdashians! The Musical!” and “90210! The Musical!”

The hit NBC sitcom originally starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. The series aired for 10 seasons.

Tickets for the newest musical parody will go on sale in June. The debut is set for fall 2017 at the Triad Theatre in New York City.

See how social media reacted to “Friends: The Musical” below:

Social Media Reacts to New “Friends” Musical Parody

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