A British tractor-trailer found out the hard way that the company the driver works for may have been practicing in false advertisement.

According to UPIa truck with the logo “We Fit” became wedge beneath a railway bridge in London. The slogan belongs to Halfords Trucking Company, and after Tuesday’s snafu, maybe it’s time for the company to get a new slogan.

The London Fire Brigade, who uses Twitter to keep citizens updated on what’s going on in the city, first tweeted:


When the brigade arrived on the scene, they found the Halfords truck completely wedged underneath the railway bridge:


It took about five hours for the fired brigade to clear up the mess according to London emergency responders. The mess was not limited to the road, train service on the track above the truck were delayed as well.

The fire brigade tweeted this tongue-in-cheek response:


The fire brigade was able to free the trapped truck, and thankfully, the driver was not hurt in the accident:


A representative from Halfords issued an apology from the accident in which the company wrote:

“Clearly ‘We Didn’t Fit’ and we would like to apologize for any delays and inconvenience caused to road and train travelers and will be working with the authorities to carry out a full investigation.”

[Photo Credit: Photopin]