Fiona the hippo bleeds green. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s viral sensation has officially made her Super Bowl prediction—and the Philadelphia Eagles are her pick to win the big game.

In an episode of “The Fiona Show” on Facebook Watch, the famous hippo was presented with two boxes—one green with the Eagles logo on the front and the other white with the New England Patriots logo. The labeled boxes were topped with lettuce and Fiona sauntered over to make her choice.

“This is Fiona’s first sports prediction. It will be interesting to see which box looks and smells the most tempting to Fiona,” Christina Gorsuch, Cincinnati Zoo’s curator of mammals, said in a statement. “For her, the real choice is which of the boxes looks like the better toy and closest to something she would like to eat!” Ultimately, Fiona predicted that the Eagles will be the champions of Super Bowl LII by choosing the team’s lettuce-colored box.

Superstar Hippo makes Super Prediction

Superstar makes Super Prediction – See who Fiona picks to win the big game – does she go with the New England Patriots, the favorite to win, or the Philadelphia Eagles , one underdog rooting for another? Cincinnatians will get to see Fiona starring in a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday when it airs during the big game. The rest of the world (including Cincinnatians) can get a sneak peek tomorrow on The Fiona Show, episode 3.

Posted by The Fiona Show on Thursday, February 1, 2018

The responses to the video, which garnered more than 160,000 views, were divided. “Sassy and smart- that’s my girl! Maybe you’re our good luck charm,” one user commented. Another person wrote, “I knew my girl was an Eagles fan…way to go baby girl!!!!!” But not everyone was convinced. “I guess even the most perfect river potato can be wrong every now and then,” another commenter wrote, while someone else said to “go with the winning team girl. New England Patriots.” Even non-Eagles fans seemingly sided with her choice, concluding, “I hope she’s right!!!! Not an Eagles fan, but they’re better than the Patriots!!”

On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shared a poll on their Facebook page asking fans to guess who Fiona would pick as the winner. More than 7,000 people cast their vote and 70 percent of voters sided with the Eagles. The Eagles, who are considered the underdog, have two Super Bowl appearances under their belt. Meanwhile, the Patriots have appeared in nine Super Bowl games, five of which they have won.

Fiona’s prediction will be put to the test on Sunday when the two teams face off in Minneapolis. Super Bowl LII begins Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m. on NBC.

What are your thoughts on Fiona the hippo’s Super Bowl prediction? Which team is your pick to win? Sound off in the comments section below!