The FBI is currently investigating three American teenage girls who were allegedly attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria. The three young girls were detained in Germany before they could make contact with officials from ISIS.

According to a source at Fox News, the girls were returned home after investigators hunted them down in Frankfurt. The girls, all under the age of 18, are not expected to face criminal charges. While the girls are all American, two are of Somali decent, and a third is of Sudanese descent.

ABC News further reports that the girls were planning a trip to Syrian, where they would meet with a secret contact in order to join a militant group. A source close to the investigation says the teenage girls hoped, “to fulfill what they believe is some vision that has been put out on a slick media campaign.”

The FBI revealed that they had detained the girls after they were lured to Germany by an ISIS official who was readily awaiting their conversion to the radical islamist state.

All three of the girls vanished from their homes last week and traveled from Colorado to Chicago, before making their way to Frankfurt, Germany. Denver police were alerted to their disappearance by worried parents, and then worked with national and international authorities to track the young girls down.

After being captured one of the teenage ISIS wannabes told authorities that they were traveling to Turkey so they could “study.”

The name of the girls have been protected because of their underage status. No further details have been revealed at this time.