While the Fappening may have begun on 4chan, Reddit had perhaps the largest role in spreading the photos far and wide. The subreddit called ‘The Fappening’ has been decried for its part in a nonconsensual sex act that violated the privacy of so many.

After about a week of sharing photos, though, the Fappening subreddit is no more. Mods in the Fappening group warned that the sub would be banned from Reddit if certain pictures were posted. These included any of McKayla Maroney, who was underage when the photos allegedly of her were taken, and Liz Lee, who was not actually a victim of the iCloud hack, but whose photos (also underage) began to join the newly stolen ones on the Fappening sub anyway.

However, it wasn’t underage photos that prompted the end of the Fappening (or at least Reddit’s role in it.) In a Reddit blog post and an official site announcement, the deletion and banning of the Fappening was explained.

While the two posts are both long and detailed, the short version is that the mods and site owners were uncomfortable with the sexual attack and theft, but felt that it was in keeping with the site’s longstanding policies not to interfere as long as the Fappening was not directly breaking any laws.

They did delete photos that were of underage victims, and those for which the received a DMCA request (a claim that the photo copyright belonged to someone else.)

However, the Fappening members kept replacing the photos as quickly as the could be removed, in what the mod behind the announcement called ‘a game of whack-a-mole.’ At last, mods and site owners came to the conclusion that it was time for the Fappening, and all other related subreddits, to be deleted.

[Images: Reddit]