There is an old saying that it’s important to things together as a family, but the writers of that quote had this family activity in mind.

According to the Huffington PostMickey Sudduth got into an altercation with his wife after coming to his in-law’s house to pick up his two children in rural Mississippi on Oct. 3. Sudduth’s wife happens to be the daughter of Robert Mize, Sudduth’s father-in-law.

When Sudduth’s wife ran inside to tell her father that Sudduth tried to choke her, Mize came out and met Sudduth with a Glock .40 pistol in his hand. Sudduth also had a Glock .40 pistol, and the two began to exchange gunshots.

During the shootout between Sudduth and Mize, the two men both shot each other dead, but before he was killed, Sudduth wounded his wife and mother-in-law, Janice Mize, according to Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

This is not the first time a family has had to engage in a gunfight.

In Louisiana in 2013, Bethany Arcneaux’s family was involved in a gunfight with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, outside of their two-year-old son’s daycare after the family accused Scott of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

According to The AdvertiserArceneaux had been missing for two days until her family found Thomas’s car just nine miles from the house where Arceneaux was found.

The family took four-wheelers and searched the area for her, until they hear a woman’s scream. The screaming woman turned out to be Arceneaux, terrified and bloodied from stab wounds that were allegedly caused by Thomas. While trying to rescue Arceneaux, Thomas showed up with a gun and a gun battle unused, with Thomas being killed in the battle.

In the Mississippi case, both of the children, who are under 10, were not hurt, and the scene was described as domestic violence. According to county coroner Alan Gurley, each man was shot at least six times.

No additional charges will be filed.

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