Esther the Wonder Pig: Micro-Pig grows to 670 pounds.
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When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter of Ontario, Canada first decided to adopt a new pet, they thought an adorable micro-pig would make an excellent edition to their home. As you can see above, they were clearly correct in their initial assumption. What they didn’t expect was that the tiny piglet, who they were told would grow no larger than a dog, would turn out to be a full-figured gal who currently weighs in at 670 pounds!

Esther the 670 pound micro-pig
via Esther’s Facebook

Like many of us women, it turns out Esther may have…”padded her resume” a bit in the weight department. Luckily for the now 2-year-old pink princess however, her dads didn’t let that derail their love for their big-boned baby one bit. In fact, they couldn’t believe how great having her around turned out to be- not only are pigs just as smart and friendly as dogs, contrary to stereotype, they are often even cleaner pets.

So thoroughly did she win the love of her new family in fact, that Ester’s parents have not only become vegans,they also have plans to open their own animal sanctuary to help animals in need. Esther of course, has shown no hesitation in putting on her sleekest gown and stealing hearts for the sake of the effort. She’s even got her own webpage and facebook page where adoring fans can follow her adventures.

Esther the Wonder Pig's Tutu

As for Miss Esther’s interests, the larger-than-life lady recently opened up on Facebook about her passions. She revealed that although she enjoys a root in the garden as well as the rest of us, she’s always had an extra keen interest in the fine arts of sleeping, snoozing, napping, dozing, power napping, catching Z’s, and shut eye. A master of the snuggle, she also welcomes any opportunity to cuddle up next to her dads or any of her furry, four-legged brothers and sisters.

So what’s next for Esther? Stay tuned to find out. Currently, the Wonder Pig stays busy gracefully juggling the duties of Internet stardom with the title of “Prettiest Pig in the World” (as voted by her daddies). For now, her fans must simply sit back, coo at her adorable of photos, and grin as we watch her destiny unfold as an Vegan diva.