ESPN’s Hannah Storm pushes away a makeup artist during a live SportsCenter segment. It’s common knowledge that reporters – even the males – get a quick makeup brush up to enhance their onscreen appearance. However, it looks like the makeup lady working on Storm failed to notice that they were back on air and Storm promptly shoves the woman away with one arm while keeping her eyes on the camera.

The spur-of-the-moment action by Storm has Twitter erupting and ridiculing her for what many has perceived as diva-like behavior. Some have even described Storm using the words “sociopath” and the explicit B word. A video has also surfaced of the incident along with a GIF.

Amid the criticisms and critique, Storm has responded via Twitter. According to her, the makeup artist is actually a good friend of hers, and she reacted the way she did because she (the makeup lady) would have gotten in trouble with the producers had she been seen on camera.

Most people who never even heard of Hannah Storm definitely know who she is now. This isn’t to say that she was an unknown sports journalist before. In fact, she was the woman behind some of sport’s primary coverages, including covering various MLB previews, NBA playoffs, and the Daytona 500. Her rose to fame began in 1989 as a host for CNN Sports Tonight. She also had stints with NBC Sports and The Early Show before landing a spot with ESPN.

The incident with Hannah Storm and the makeup artist isn’t the first on-air gaffe and it certainly won’t be the last. Here is a collection of hilarious on-air mishaps by reporters, which include slips of the tongue and wardrobe malfunctions.

For the most part, it does look like Hannah Storm pushing away the makeup artist really is just her trying to prevent a friend and coworker from getting chewed up by the producers.

[photo credit: John Athayde]

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