Emma Stone is way too nice to play Jimmy Fallon’s game ‘Box of Lies’ challenge. The actress appeared last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she failed miserably at the game.

The Birdman actress admitted before the game even started that she is a “terrible liar” and couldn’t play the challenge as well as she could lip sync. Before they even started she told Jimmy, “This is a bad game for me.”

After pulling down a box that contained the movie Frozen set inside a n actual block of ice, Emma Stone stumbled all over herself as she attempted to lie, but Jimmy called her bluff.

Next up was Fallon who tried to convince Emma Stone that he pulled a box with a squirrel surfing on a piece of lettuce. The actress said she believed him, only for Jimmy Fallon to reveal a plastic arm wearing a wrist watch.

Emma was laughing before the game even started, not the best sign for someone who is supposed to feature their best poker face:

Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon

Stone has become a fan favorite on Jimmy Fallon after she delivered perhaps one of the greatest lip sync performances of all time. If you missed her awesome sing along, you need to check it out.

The Emma Stone Box of Lies video was uploaded late Tuesday night and has already racked up more than 165,000 views with 4,399 upvotes.