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Autumn is shaping up to be one tasty season. Plenty of new pumpkin spice-flavored foods have been unveiled in the last few months and Edy’s has now joined the seasonal trend. The ice cream brand put a new twist on a PSL classic with their new pumpkin spice latte-flavored ice cream.

According to Edy’s, the pumpkin spice latte-flavored ice cream “tastes like all the best parts of Fall.” The limited-edition flavor combines coffee ice cream with pumpkin ice cream to create a brand new twist to the seasonal trend. Other limited-edition flavors for the upcoming fall season include pumpkin pie, frozen hot chocolate, peppermint and touchdown sundae, which features chocolate chunks and caramel-filled footballs.

Other ice cream brands that have joined the pumpkin spice craze with limited-edition flavors this year include Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake, Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard and Halo Top’s pumpkin pie.

See how social media reacted to Edy’s pumpkin spice latte ice cream below:

Social Media Reacts to Edy’s Pumpkin Spice Latte-Flavored Ice Cream

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