“Eddie The Terrible”, 2, a Chihuahua from the Silicon Valley Humane Society has defied the odds with a zest he usually reserves for defying the rules. It seems that the California native recently managed to turn the tables on his unusually low odds of being adopted with the help of a little radical honesty. After his human cohorts at the Humane Society released a hilarious blog post last week detailing all the reasons NOT to adopt Eddie, a retired couple quickly came forward to declare themselves unable to resist his charm.

Though Mr. Terrible was not available for comment, a representative from his organization released a statement declaring, “”We are really thrilled to have found a home for him.”

The lively low-rider’s tale first began when he arrived at the California shelter and promptly proceeded to leave its staff with no illusions as to his need to be bad. Originally named “Teddy,” the rambunctious pup quickly convinced the staff that he was deserving of the much more manly title “Eddie the Terrible.” The shelter staff eventually consented to the name change, as much in an attempt to avoid misleading potential adopters as to quell the little man’s ego.

While on the search for an adopter brave enough to tango with Mr. Terrible, the organization warned, “Yes, he is a great listener. But inside that innocuous adorable blonde package exists tons — indeed, whole square miles — of naughty.”

Among the first things the Non-Profit discussed in Eddie’s recent tell-all blog post was his leash etiquette. It seems that one of Eddie’s less redeeming qualities concerns his absolute intolerance for other dogs who dare to infringe upon any area in which he happens to be walking. While the organization stressed that Eddie tends to be an absolute lamb as long as the streets remain respectfully abandoned, they warn that fellow walkers may be greeted with his best Cujo impression

The next issue which was tactfully addressed detailed Eddie’s social skills. “In a home environment Eddie is lovely. He’s housebroken, loyal, fun and friendly. He lives to play fetch. But socially? He stinks,” sources close to Eddie revealed. The shelter explained that while Eddie has yet to bite, he also declines to offer the assurance of having ruled it out as an option.

Last but not least on the list was Eddie’s mastery of crate training. Unfortunately, his reps go on to explain that although the Terrible little Chihuahua will absolutely understand a command to go to his crate, he more than likely will not care. It seems that not only is the pint-sized rebel a fighter, he is also a top notch cuddler who is loath to turn down any opportunity to curl up next to those he loves. The shelter explains that the thought of a night spent alone in his kennel strikes Eddie as such a tragedy that he’s more likely to respond by wailing out the song of his people than complying.

The best among Eddie the Terrible Chihuahua’s traits however, seems to have come with his happy ending. As Eddie prepares to grace his new home with his presence, he’s managed to prove to all the doubters among us that there really is someone out there for everyone. Even the terrible.