On Saturday, October 4th, a young child was admitted to Bayhealth Kent General Hospital in Dover Delaware with Ebola symptoms, although it is still unclear whether or not the child has contracted the virus.

The child, who recently came over to the United States from Liberia has been tested.  The hospital is keeping the child under quarantine until the CDC says it is okay for the child to go home.  The child has reached the 21 day incubation period for the virus and has shown no further symptoms.  There is a low chance that the child ever had the disease.

The CDC and Hospitals can not be too careful though considering that this scare has come on the heels of one other scare and one confirmed case of Ebola.

The first confirmed case of Ebola was in Texas, where doctors failed to treat the patient and put him under quarantine.  Eric Duncan has taken a turn for the worse over the past few days, and the CDC is still working on making sure all of the people he came in contact with are tested for the virus.

Also, a scare took place in a New Jersey air port, where a man, who had recently traveled to Africa,  and his daughter were stopped and tested for Ebola because he was reported to be vomiting.  Testing came back stating that he had caught a separate and non-deadly virus.

And, today an American Journalist, who was stationed in Liberia, is being brought back to Nebraska to be treated for Ebola that he contracted in Africa.

If you are interested, you can check out a link to FOX’s story here.

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